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How long will it take for me to get my product(s)?

This depends on where you live and if the product is in stock. Please keep this in mind that we get so many orders a day so we have to do a first come first serve basis.  It can take from 1-3 working days to get an order depending on what you order and where you are from if not local. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Which products will get to me the soonest?

All products available in stock will be delivered as soon as possible once payment has been made.

Do you do a money back guaranty?

No, our products are proved to really work so there will not be any need to do a money back guarantee. You will be satisfied with results. We stand by our word. Please be sure that you want this product before ordering.

I’ve never had a follow up, why is that? So that I can put my before and after picture on your site.

Please note that we do a drawing every month of all of our customers and if your name is drawn we will do a follow up and ask if you would send us a before and after picture to put on our site for your results.

How long before I see results with Fab Empire Skincare products?

Fab Empire Skincare products can take from 7 days to see some sort of results.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. Please note that PayPal is the only payment method for international orders.

How does the Referral Program work?

Every customer who has subscribed to Fab Empire skin care has a unique url, that will be visible on their account page. Members can use that link to get discounts off Fab Empire Skin care products, and every time someone purchases something through their link,  they will be rewarded a coupon. After an order is marked as complete, coupon is sent to a person who referred that customer. Every referral receives a coupon, which will be shown on his or her account page.Disclaimer: 10% coupon is only applicable once Fab Empire Skincare products that sum up to a minimum  of $286 dollars(40,000 naira) is purchased via the referral link.

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