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How to Shop

How to Shop


We offer a skin testing, spa treatments and body wash service to our clients by appointment only. You can visit us online and shop our products categories. If you can’t decide on any product, send an enquiry or place a call, and we would be happy to advise you. It will take a minimum of two (2) days between the payment for the order and delivery if they can be fulfilled.


Fab Empire Skincare currently deliver locally and internationally. We endeavour to deliver within the specified delivery period but appreciate that there might be circumstances that might affect the prompt delivery of goods to our international or local clients. We would inform customers of any circumstances affecting prompt delivery of ordered items where this is the case. A minimum of two 2 days from payment confirmation for the order will be needed for deliveries within Nigeria. Our deliveries are handled via UPS Express. Delivery charges are based on subsidised UPS rates. Your order would be delivered to an address of your choice via UPS Express.


Please note that Fab Empire Skincare only sells its products via these sources below:

  • The website – www.fabempireskincare.com
  • The CEOs
    • Miss Fab (Tel: 07066285421, Email: ceo@fabempireskincare.com) and,
    • Miss Bedazzle (Tel: 08116887548, Email: fabempireskincare@gmail.com)

Fab Empire Skincare shall not be responsible for any skin damage, loss of money, or any other consequence resulting from ordering its products from other sources than those stated above.

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