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Welcome to our website.

We at Fab Empire skincare specializes in different varieties of custom made skincare products, we cater for dry skinned, oily skinned, and combination skinned people who would like to maintain their complexion, have an even-toned skin and also get a lighter radiating skin. All our products are very safe with guaranteed results and are effective on all skin types. Feel free to browse our site and discover the best product suitable for you. We guarantee that all our products are 100% herbal from the best plant extracts. We fully believe in all of our products. And this is not just an empty statement.

We take pride in being an AWARD WINNING BRAND; BEST SKINCARE IN NIGERIA for the year 2014, and an exclusive leading custom made skincare producer in the world. Our main goal is to bring you a variety of finest quality of health supplements and skin care products made from the purest, highest-quality herbal ingredients in the world. We dedicate ourselves to run a thorough research on all our products, to provide you with nothing but the finest most potent health supplements in the world. We are proud of our brand and use all our products on our skin!

We are confident that our products/services will satisfy you. Customers seek nothing less than the best quality delivered with absolute discretion, and we provide assurance that the products that you purchase from us are highly effective and you will most definitely become one of our satisfied clients worldwide! Visit and shop online. We ship all orders worldwide to either your home or place of business within 3 working days.

We also encourage the use of our online inquiry. Just fill in all the required information on the form and we will get back to you swiftly with regards to your inquiry. We do retail and wholesale. We will endeavour to keep our prices competitive. We hope to satisfy your every need with regards to what we sell but if you have a special request or if you want to know more about any product that we sell, please contact us and thank you for visiting our website.



At Fab Empire Skincare we have one ultimate goal to boost the confidence of everyone by enhancing the nature’s gift of beauty in every individual.


Fab Empire Skincare has dedicated itself to the business of beauty. It is a business that derives joy in empowering men and women to feel confident in their nature’s given beauty. Our vision is to become the most respectable world leading skincare brand by providing world class service and quality products through dedication, integrity, loyalty and continuous improvement.


Respect; respect enables us appreciate the differences that exist within our team as well as embrace the criticisms and feedback provided by our clients in order to push forward and synergistic. Integrity: Integrity is one of our topmost priorities when rendering services and products to our clients. We want our clients to feel self-assured that our products are safe, authentic and will satisfy their needs. Continuous Improvement; we are not satisfied with the ordinary. We constantly strive to develop in every possible way through cutting edge technology and exceptional team work. Creativity; Creativity enables us to stands out from the crowd and be unique. Passion; Passion is the reason why we do what we do. It derives our other core values because it is the centre of everything. We are passionate about our belief and team members’ identity with this. Flexibility; Being flexible enables us to be open minded enough to encourage suggestions, embrace constructive, criticisms, share ideas and innovate. Empathy; Empathy enables us to recognize with the unique needs of every individual.

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